Using Stay Interviews to Motivate and Retain Employees

Finding good employees can be a challenge, which is all the more reason to strive to retain the talented and skilled staff you have. Stay interviews provide an excellent tool for doing so.

The opposite of exit interviews, stay interviews focus on what your employees value and makes them feel engaged, and while it might be surprising or at times even difficult to hear some of their feedback, you will have a better understanding of what your employees are thinking.

The information revealed can be used both tactically and strategically to improve your employees’ experiences, retain a strong team, discover the motivational fit factors that employees desire, and strengthen your business.

Acuity HR helps companies prepare for stay interviews, conduct them, and appropriately utilize the results so that employees know they have been heard and are appreciated.

Please reach out to learn how we can assist you with this valuable tool, which is featured in Forbes: Three Reasons to Implement Stay Interviews