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HR Leadership Training: Shaking hands with a new employee

Is your organization experiencing issues with employee turnover, engagement, and recruitment challenges?  Effective leadership and communications are the cornerstone of business success.  We have the solution to building high performing work teams and managers. 

Acuity HR's proven training and development initiatives foster increased engagement, higher job satisfaction, and enhanced retention rates. 

Leading the Path to Growth:  Elevate your Workforce with Acuity Human Resources Training and Development Solutions.  We deliver programs that will enhance leadership skills at all levels of your organization.  Business success is driven by the ability to communicate, collaborate, and focus on what is important.  Our mission is to provide practical training and development that will result in reduced turnover, increased productivity, and bottom-line results.

What We Do

The Essentials of Management and Supervision series will equip your management team with the fundamental skills needed to engage effectively with all levels of the organization including their team, their coworkers, executive management and your clients.

Our belief is that the path to developing industry leading managers and key contributors requires customized solutions. By understanding individual development needs, we can provide custom solutions that will transform your team from good to great.

How We Deliver

Training can be in-person, online, or blended, and we provide reinforcement of learning with updates sent to you and your team on a regular basis. Our expert trainers will create a learning environment that produces tangible results. Acuity’s focus on dynamic continuous learning includes mechanisms for assessing needs, evaluating behavioral preferences, providing direct training including customized programs and ongoing support through coaching and accountability.


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Management Essential Series
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Performance Optimization
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Managing Complaints
Communications Fundamentals
Time Management
Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Ongoing & Specialized Support

Individual Coaching
Accountability Reviews
Creation of Individual Development Plans
Succession Planning
Specialized Peer Groups including sessions focusing on developing women as leaders, human resources specialists, emerging leaders and industry/functional groups

Acuity HR's training and development services offer a transformative experience that translates into enhanced performance, sustainable growth, and a brighter future for both individuals and businesses alike.