Business Driven HR Will Impact Your Future

HR as usual is no longer an option. Your HR efforts of today and tomorrow should play a vital leadership role in your business.  Bringing efficiencies to HR and reducing costs and processes wherever possible are always an important priority; but Acuity will also provide the expertise and help to advise and assist you on the long-term journey of developing HR as a high-performing function within your business.

HR is a vital business function and as such, contributes directly to the bottom line by driving productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Advanced HR programs focusing on performance management, organizational optimization, business analytics, and incentive plan design can make a meaningful difference to a company's income statement. Business driven HR will not only help impact today, but will strategically transform your future.

Why Conduct a Human Resources Audit and Analysis?

The first step to maximizing your HR potential is to determine the areas of focus that need to be addressed to ensure compliance and competitiveness in today's demanding HR marketplace.  Acuity performs a multifaceted assessment of your current HR infrastructure and makes recommendations that will help you meet your regulatory obligations as well as provide best practices to help you get the most out of your largest asset....your employees.

Transforming your HR efforts require a knowledge of your status within areas, such as the following:

  • HR compliance issues for state and federal labor requirements
  • Performance review systems
  • Affirmative Action and EEO compliance
  • Industry specific HR program reviews
  • Policy, procedure, and handbook reviews.
  • Employee relations and communications.
  • Compensation and Salary Administration


Creating an Employment Brand

Becoming a "Best Company to Work For" will help you compete in the war for talent. Regularly and proactively measuring your employee brand is critical in determining how your company is perceived in the marketplace of both potential employees and current employees.

Companies with strong employee brands spend less time and money hiring new talent, along with maintaining lower turnover in their organization. Your employees should ideally be your company's brand ambassadors. Creating an atmosphere of engagement, motivation, and empowerment will elevate your company's image.

Acuity Human Resources can help you strategize and define your company's brand. Marketing efforts will build your brand awareness and communicate your commitment to becoming a great place to work.