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With a unique and personal approach, Acuity Human Resources has become the trusted advisor and mentor to countless businesses across the Pittsburgh region. Your business and HR solutions will result from the collaborative and responsive relationship developed with the entire Acuity staff. Our clients and friends benefit from an expertise gained from more than 25 years of human resource and executive management experience and success.

Acuity provides complete HR business outsourcing and project management services. We customize solutions to fit your business and your unique needs. Whether you have a few employees ... or a few hundred, Acuity can help you identify overall company business strategies and align the emerging importance and contribution of the HR function to the entire vision of the company.

Why Outsource to Acuity Professionals?

Acuity Human Resources does not provide an "off-the-shelf" solution to your needs. Expertise gained from years of human resources and executive management experience can be utilized to formulate and implement cost effective solutions for your business. Our services range from managing the entire human resources function, to providing expert advice, to managing specific areas such as performance management systems, compensation plan design, and management development and training.

Not every company has a human resources department, but every company has human resources needs. Let the professionals at Acuity help tranform your human resources function into a value-added business asset.

Linking Organizational Structure and Business Goals

Every successful structure starts with a design, a blueprint. Business structures need blueprints as well. By linking organizational design and structure to business goals, both financial and non-financial, all businesses improve their chances of success. We work with clients to understand your business, your industry, your goals and help you develop a structure that meets the business and organizational challenges your business faces every day.

Acuity evaluates the overall business functions by assessing their structure and implementing organizational development programs and projects to achieve maximum results. Using various methodologies, including the use of the Predictive Index along with our business partner Predictive Synergistic Systems, we can identify organizational strengths, developmental needs, and put together a plan to drive performance. It will transform your business.

Business Driven HR Will Impact Your Future

HR as usual is no longer an option. Your HR efforts of today and tomorrow should play a vital leadership role in your business.  Bringing efficiencies to HR and reducing costs and processes wherever possible are always an important priority; but Acuity will also provide the expertise and help to advise and assist you on the long-term journey of developing HR as a high-performing function within your business.

HR is a vital business function and as such, contributes directly to the bottom line by driving productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Advanced HR programs focusing on performance management, organizational optimization, business analytics, and incentive plan design can make a meaningful difference to a company's income statement. Business driven HR will not only help impact today, but will strategically transform your future.


Not every company needs an HR Department, but every company needs to focus on the HR function. A company can be overwhelmed by specific initiatives, regulatory changes, insurance management, employee issues, outdated HR manuals, ineffective compensation plans, benefits planning, etc....

Acuity can provide world-class HR expertise to help you in the areas that you define need attention. Outsourcing projects can often be the answer that a company needs for professional assistance, while not taking away from daily duties of a company's HR staff.

And whether your company is large or small, or in the midst of a cultural HR transformation, best practices and human resources administration will always remain the building blocks to success.