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What does “top performance” mean to you? Different companies have different notions of what it means to be a top performer, but definitions are often centered around the specific traits managers believe yield strong performance in a particular role or field. But what if it’s simpler than that?

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A federal judge in Texas on Tuesday blocked a U.S. Department of Labor rule extending overtime pay to roughly 5 million workers nationwide.

Read More: http://www.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/news/2016/11/23/judge-blocks-obama-backed-rule-extending-overtime.html 


Business managers have occasionally suggested to human resources consultant Bob Floreak that they wished they could shed older employees and shift to a younger workforce. He responds with one basic question: Why?

Read More: http://www.post-gazette.com/aging-edge/aging-edge-reports/2016/10/31/Workforce-keeps-aging-but-it-doesn-t-mean-age-discrimination-cases-disappear/stories/201610300009


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