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Every day brings a new article or blog about the changing work environment and the challenges that business face in today’s complex employee landscape.  There are new challenges, new theories and new workplace complexities but sometimes we lose focus of the fundamentals.

In school, they used to refer to the fundamentals as The Three R’s; Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  First, I know, it’s really should be called “RWA” and not Three R’s but let’s face it, Three R’s’ just sounds better.   What the term is meant to convey is that the ability to produce effective written communications, reading comprehension, and mathematical aptitude are the fundamental requirements of learning and all students need to master these fundamentals before moving ahead into advanced subjects like science, geometry, and world literature. 

Thanks to the continued referrals from our wonderful clients, our business is taking another leap forward.  We are excited to be moving from our Cranberry Township office to a larger space just a few miles down the road in Warrendale on Friday, February 6th. 

Congrats to client Rosedale Technical College!


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