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In business, many tend to confuse the concept of performance management with the performance review process. Both processes are essential to link individual employee performance and behavior with overall business success.But there is a significant difference .....

performance management is an ongoing process
while performance review is event driven.

I've been known to use a sports analogy from time to time. As most of you can guess, I don't have much experience with figure skating, other than watching it on TV once every four years. Who doesn't appreciate the fact that four years of preparation has culminated with that one big performance for a skater. A group of judges watch intently for all of the required elements, mix in a small dose of bias (good or bad) and award a score - the ultimate performance review.

But driving that previous four year span, the elite skaters go through continuous performance management with their coaches. Technical practice, strength training, intense instruction, and time devoted to evaluation, coaching, and measurement of their progress toward success....that's performance management.

As business leaders, do we rely soley on the performance review to do coaching and development? Both employees and managers can be anxious going into the formal review. But if performance management is accomplished on an ongoing basis, anxiety about under performance can be eliminated. Through ongoing coaching, the employee has modified their behavior and maximized their strengths and worked to improve developmental needs. Now the review becomes more of a formality and reinforcement of the prior performance management process.

Performance management is essential for employees to achieve their optimal performance levels.



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Recognizing and strategizing for the needs of our clients in what many are calling a "talent squeeze" and shortage of qualified candidates, we are  excited to announce the formation of a company dedicated to helping ease the stress of the recruitment process.

Acuity Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Acuity RPO) is founded in the belief that scalability, flexibility, and affordability can provide innovation to your hiring process. Acuity takes this recruiting and staffing foundation to the next level by providing strategic consulting and relationship driven solutions. When we understand your business, we understand your needs and can act on your behalf.

Recruitment Strategy options:

*  Project Basis  *  Contingent  *  Retained  *  Fully Outsourced  *  Hybrid  *  On Demand

Services can include:

*  dedicated support  *  innovative strategies   organizational consultation * employment brand building * job posting and sourcing services * applicant tracking systems * talent identification and assessment * psychometric analysis * technical assessment  *  deadline driven hiring success

Acuity RPO has the insight, experience, talent, and dedication to get it right for you. Our staff can provide a range of candidate evaluation, from initial phone screen to final candidate consideration. With unique assessment methods that don't just rely on skills or experience listed on a resume, our target candidates must possess the qualities that will make them successful in your organization and be a cultural fit.

Talent acquisition at any level can be a lonely process for a hiring manager at a company. Partnering with Acuity RPO will help deliver the talent solutions your company deserves because we understand that recruiting as usual is no longer an option.

Click here to visit our new website so that Acuity RPO can make an immediate impact for you today.


Imagine for a minute that you work for Apple…now how about Google? Chances are, you have some insight into what their employment experience is like, even if you never worked there. Maybe you have notions about the creativity, culture, benefits, advancement opportunities, competitiveness among employees, even the stress levels at those employers. But how did you know? The answer is successful employment branding.

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