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The Allegheny Conference on Community Development released today their analysis on the regional job market for the coming decade. Aligning HR /Talent Acquisition / Employee Retention with overall business strategy is becoming critical.



Congratulations to all of the 2016 nominees for Engaging Pittsburgh: It's All About the People! (Especially to our Acuity Clients!!)

BPU Investment Management, CardWorks, Caterpillar, Inc., Eat'n Park Restaurants, EFI, Gray Matter Systems, IntegraCare Corporation, kWantera, Inc., LunaMetrics, Matrix Solutions, NEP, Group, Inc., Sandler Training / The Leadership Quest, PLS Logistics Services, Rosedale Technical College, The Watson Institute, The Woodlands Foundation, TiER1 Performance Solutions, Truefit




Overtime Rule Marches Closer to Enactment

Business owners, managers, and HR professionals have been in a period of watchful waiting for final wording and dates for changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which determines who is eligible for overtime pay. The $50,440 threshold change is anticipated to affect millions of employees. The time to prepare is now, contact us for guidance and updates.

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