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An interesting read on the imminent Federal Overtime revisions. Acuity's Bob Floreak gives some insight on this hot topic in the article.





Recruiting has evolved more in the past 10 year, than in the past 40. To further validate LinkedIn's role for the future, read Jeff Weiner's message regarding Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn.



Across the country, businesses continue to struggle with the supply and demand curves for both skilled and unskilled labor. To further complicate the situation, regulatory pressure is being exerted at the Federal, state, and local levels to improve pay levels for employees. The Department of Labor took unprecedented action last week by increasing the minimum salary threshold by 200 percent for employees to be qualified as "Exempt" under the Act. One of the industries that may be hit the hardest by this action is the hospitality industry. In many cases, employees formally classified as managers may need to be paid overtime for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek. The unintended affect on these workers is that their true earnings may decrease as companies hire additional workers or bring on more part-time workers/supervisors.

Another area of concern for this industry remains the pressure to move the minimum wage to $15.00/hour. Once again, there may be more unintended consequences, including elimination of positions as companies seek technological solutions to address the cost of labor. A former McDonald's CEO details how this may happen in this article:

Former McDonald's CEO: Robots Cheaper Than Minimum Wage Workers

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