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Our History

As the founder of Acuity Human Resources, Bob Floreak’s vision was simple; the companies that need human resources expertise the most can’t afford to establish a full service department.  So he created Acuity Human Resources.  Focusing on mid-market companies, Acuity Human Resources provides the services and expertise to targeted organizations that is equal to that enjoyed by large corporations.  Having worked for Fortune 500 organizations as well as start-ups and small entrepreneur organizations in operational, sales support and human resources leadership positions, Bob understands the linkage of HR practices to the business and describes himself as “a business person that focuses on human resources, not just an HR guy”. 

One of his favorite quotes is “if running a business was easy, everyone would start one”.  We all know business is a challenge.  From the basics of administration to linking organizational design with business objectives, human resources is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring that organizations achieve profit objectives as they grow.  HR is sometimes viewed as an administrative function but the world’s most successful businesses embrace HR as a cornerstone to success. Leveraging the power of people allows organizations to grow profitably.

Today, Acuity Human Resources serves clients from a variety of industries and at various stages in their business cycle.  From start-ups to businesses with decades of operating history, the expertise and custom solutions provided by Acuity Human Resources produce results that hit the bottom line.

Overview of Acuity Human Resources

Experienced and agile, Acuity Human Resources, LLC is staffed by professionals with extensive business and human resources experience in a broad range of industries and business sizes. 

With this combination of skills, we are able to guide and support strategic business, organizational, and human resources functions.  Our clients are small to mid size companies, ranging from a handful of local employees to several hundred across the country and internationally.  Industries including energy, gas and oil, banking and finance, education, science, manufacturing, billing, and retail make up just some of our client portfolio. 

Unlike the off-the-shelf approach common to the industry, we believe in creating customized solutions that suit our clients' goals, culture, and needs.  We pride ourselves on our accessibility to clients and seamless approach to outsourcing.  Over the years, we have witnessed the positive impact of implementing a solid direction in the areas of business and human resources outsourcing, and have seen clients flourish as a result. 

Headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, we service companies located throughout the region.


Bob Floreak, President

Bob has led the Human Resources and Strategic Business efforts for small regional companies and large national corporations for over 25 years. He started his Human Resources career as part of the Westinghouse Electric Human Resources Executive Development Program and was promoted into positions of increasing authority until being named the Vice President of Human Resources at Westinghouse Communications.

Bob has also held positions outside of the human resources function including sales management, project management, profit & loss responsibility, and international operations. This cross-functional experience has provided him with the unique ability to ensure that all human resources and organizational efforts are aligned with business objectives. Bob has worked across various industries including technology companies like Stargate Industries and Verizon Wireless, manufacturers like Harris Corporation and Chromalox (a JP Morgan portfolio company) and professional services organizations like Edison Consulting where he was responsible for providing business start-up leadership to early stage and emerging private equity funded companies.

Today, Bob and the entire Acuity team focus on the mission that every company, regardless of size, should be able to utilize world-class HR programs for growth. His ability to combine business understanding, sophisticated HR, and people skills have integrated Bob and his team into the companies they service.

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